On Facades management's team prides itself to be implementing, from an early stage within every install package it undertakes, a project-specific orientated logistics management system, designed to meet our customer demands efficiently through pro-active planning, control and implementation of our services.

     From ensuring a good flow of works by sequencing the right task with the right timing, to the planning of the site set up, movement/inventory of materials, appointing the right man for the right job, using the best tools in our trade and to estimating realistic installing timescales we aim to meet our customer expectations and enhance our service.

     In logistics management, unwise decisions lead to creating multiple issues and that's why we are giving it all our attention from the very beginning of a project. For example, delivering a delayed or faulty install will lead to the end client dissatisfaction. Damage of materials due to careless handling is another potential issue. Poor logistics planning gradually increases expenses, and issues may arise from the implementation of ineffective logistics solutions. Most of these problems occur due to improper decisions related to carrying out delivery, distribution and installing tasks without having the right means or sufficient resources.

     By adhering to customer needs and industry standards, logistics management facilitates process strategy, planning and implementation.

     At On Facades we implement the best logistic management practices in order to deliver our works in the most economical, safe, efficient and timely manner way.