Installation of cladding elements in high-rise buildings is a demanding planning process as the project management team aims to estimate and control the chain reactions caused by the unpredictable availability of cranes and lifts, materials damage, trade interference, weather, design incompatibilities on the interface areas or with the structural building.

     One of the many control actions that need to be considered to ensure the profitability of a project is the decoupling of the facade installation process from other trades to avoid standdowns and achieve a continuous flow for the installation work. We can support our clients' efforts to reducing the chain reaction of delays by installing the facade system independently of the site crane and hoist, whenever possible, to free up floor space area for others, reduce the waiting time for our installers and other contractors.

     The number of teams needed when building with independent installation means can be easily adapted to meet the site installation programme. By being able to perform activities in parallel, the project’s total duration will be reduced. Time buffers would not be necessary to the normal extent considering that contractors are not depending on each other’s work being performed. Continuous flow when installing the panels reduces the need for stockpiling on-site that is typically needed to compensate for fluctuating demand and to avoid stockouts.

     Facade product development efforts have focused lately, especially in tall buildings, on prefabrication e.g. – unitized facade systems, performing as much assembly as possible before the facade elements arrive on-site, avoiding the impact of weather conditions during installation and benefit from an increasing quality through manufacturing in a controlled factory environment. The unitized panels require only minimal on-floor work, allowing other contractors on-site to use the space inside the building.

     From heavy units of glass, steel or other cladding elements to large unitized panels, our installing team of specialists will master any challenge in the installation process, recognizing the aforementioned advantages the decoupling of the facade installation process would provide.